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The tokengate dashboard is designed to make participating in an ICO as easy and transparent as possible for you and your backers.

Two factor authentication

tokengate take security very seriously and we support investor account protection using Futurae Strong authentification or Google two factor authentication.

User friendly

We use e-mails sign up & log in to increases conversion rates and provide better investment experience.

Purchase with Cash, CC and Coins

To make investments even more accessible for everyone tokengate maximize your ICO proceeds by accepting cash, wire transfer payment, credit card and crypto currencies: Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC)

Integrated KYC

We support one of the best KYC solution of the market to avoid legal issues. tokengate has an easy to manage built in KYC module, and can be integrated with your own on request.

Flexible bonuses

Attract more investors with flexible bonuses. tokengate provides options to add multiple bonus programs and manage them seamlessly.


Influencers can promote your ICO by using promotional material on their websites, in email lists, or in Telegram and Slack groups and receive a bonus in form of additional tokens.


Your ICO can have investors from any part of the world. That’s why we built the tokengate platform to support 5 languages to provide the best experience for the investors.  We can translate it to any additional language on request.


We have implemented the highest level of Swiss compliance to protects your funds. That is Anti money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC).


We have implemented Google reCAPTCHA, it uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities during your ICO.

Admin features

Fully-customized investor dashboards and smart contracts

Admin dashboard & reporting

We have built a beautiful and intuitive admin dashboard for you to seamlessly manage all programs and processes involved in your ICO campaign.

Two factor authentication

tokengate take security very seriously and we support administrators account protection using two factor authentication and IP white listing.

Logging and monitoring

tokengate allow you to access all relevant information with custom reports, event logging and sales monitoring.

Email automation

Fully-customizable emails for efficient communication with your investors.

Secure and high availability

Our cloud is hosted in Switzerland and ISO 27001 certified. We have implemented Advanced DDoS Protection and Mitigation. All services are on elastic servers, to handle any traffic.


You can export all the e-mails, contact and purchase information

Fraud resistant

Robust against fraud by adding Banks as a securing element and multi-sig wallet to hold ICO proceeds.

Safe storage

tokengate support QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) for Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) documents and we can keep them for 10 years in safe cold-storage.

Exchange rate

tokengate integrate with CoinMarketCap and Lykke to retrieve ETH/BTC crypto-currency exchange rates.

Hardware wallet

tokengate require Nanoledger for all smart contract critical operations in administrator dashboard. YOU keep all the time the control of your crowdsale. Metamask is also supported.

Our additional services

We also provide advisory or support for the following services.

Exchange on-boarding

We can recommend exchange listings, but cannot guarantee listings. But we can support you with listing on decentralized exchanges (Etherdelta, Bisq, …).

Listing on ICO rating sites

ICO Rating agency issues independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings. We’ll help being listed more efficiently.

Want more?

We can help guide you through the strategy, formation, and launch of a blockchain focused venture.

24/7 cyber crime monitoring

Cyber-attacks do not only happen between accepted business hours. In order to defend networks and devices against malicious threats and extraordinary user behavior that might indicate a data breach, our Partner Infoguard can offer you this additional service.

Your KYC provider

We can integrate your desired KYC provider. Ask us for a quote!

Your Bank provider

We can integrate your desired Bank provider. Ask us for a quote!

Core Services Partner

Fiat Banking Providers

Bank Frick, Liechtenstein

Banca Zarattini & Co. Sa, Switzerland

Volksbank Mittweida, Germany, available soon

Crypto Wallet Providers

Bank Frick, Liechtenstein

Crypto Broker AG, Switzerland

KYC Providers

Intrum AG, Switzerland

Brokerage Services

Crypto Broker AG, Switzerland

AML Providers

Lexpert Partners AG, Switzerland

Bank Frick, Liechtenstein

Strong Authentification

Futurae Zero-Touch Authentification

AMLA Blockchain Analytics

Blockchain Intelligence Group (BitRank)

Extended Services Partner


Swiss Crypto Exchange, Switzerland, available soon

24/7 Cyber Crime & Fraud Monitoring

InfoGuard AG, Switzerland, available

Ongoing ICOs


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