Simplified User Journey

Information are collected

Purchaser arrives at ICO Page to subscribe to token

User provides:

  • Name, Address, BOD, etc.
  • Sending wallet address (if paying with crypto)
  • Receiving wallet address
  • Bank where funds are sent from (if paying with FIAT)
  • Declaration of source of funds
  • Indication of amount to be purchased i.e. sent
  • If amounts exceed CHF100K – prompted to upload further documentation
  • Agrees to terms and conditions: 1) user agreement 2) ICO offer

Once complete – user allowed to proceed to STEP 2

Step 2: Video KYC

  • Video identification according to FINMA memo
  • Optional: Obtain QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) for certain documents, i.e.
    • Confirmation of accepting prospectus
    • SAFT, etc.

Step 3: GWG Officer checks documents

  • Each purchaser is identified by GWG officer
  • Approval to pay monies is recorded tokengate
  • In case of amounts significantly over CHF100K and missing documents:
    • Request more documents from purchaser in tokengate

Once approved – Purchaser is allowed to proceed to Step 4

Step 4: Payment by Purchaser

  • purchaser received payment information
  • sends FIAT or CRYPTO to designated account
  • tokengate records payment matched to purchaser (API from Bank or transaction recorded in BC)

Step 5: Token distribution

  • Purchaser receives token into receiving wallet
  • Token allocated according to Smart Contract, SAFT, etc.