Turning ideas into tokens.

Token Economies are changing entire value chains, enabling new business models and open participation in a global economy. Let us guide you along the way:

Getting started

Areas of expertise

Our team of blockchain experts has a proven track record of tokenizing almost any imaginable asset. Over the course of the years, we have specialized in a number of key verticals:


Art & Collectibles

From the tokenization of art pieces and collectible items to the creation of NFTs.



Tokenization of primary materials ranging from gold bullion to diamonds.


Real Estate

Turning property into tradable shares or digital assets through tokenization.



Development and issuance of tokenized and tradeable assets across equity and funds.

Why work with us?

Blockchain technology and understanding tokenization can seem challenging and complicated. Let us do the heavy lifting for you:

How it works

Tokenization is easy. If you work with us.

Streamlining the complex process of tokenization and making it transparent and manageable for clients is the core of our services.

With our tokenization framework 'TLM' (Token Lifecycle Model) the process of going from idea to tokenization becomes manageable and transparent for you:


Step 1: get in touch with us

Each project is unique, get in touch with us to help us understand the 101 of your idea

Step 2: We scope your project

With a solid estimate of your project in mind, we start to scope the effort and size of your project

Step 3: You choose your offer

We provide you with a range of scope and price offers allowing you to choose the most suitable offer

Step 4: We start tokenizing your project

After your formal approval, we start our workflow and transform your project idea into tokens

Meet our tools

Tokengate. All your project needs in one place.

With Tokengate – a user-friendly and comprehensive token platform – it becomes easy for you to onboard investors and manage your tokens.


Our Tokenization Services

We got you covered, from your very first idea to release a token to the design, release and management.

Get started

We are the no-rocket science enablers for turning your idea into tokens:

Tokenization does not have to be complicated - at Tokengate our passion is to leverage the power of tokenization and blockchain to supercharge your business. No matter how big or small:

Starting at   5.000 CHF

What you get:

Objective and untainted outsider review of your business model

We analyze, challenge and potentially refine your token economics

We give you a sounding feedback of our ecosystem

We breakdown the complete tokenization process into predictable work packages

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Custom Projects

We offer variable pricings custom tailored for larger organizations and tokenization endeavours. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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Behind Tokengate

When we first started out, we weren’t much more than a curiosity in Switzerlands company landscape.

As an interdisciplinary team of world-class blockchain experts, design professionals, business operations experts and technologists, we celebrate the breadth of perspectives, values, and expertise that is necessary to build the new finance infrastructure of the 21st century.

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Get your idea tokenized

With tokenization changing entire value chains, enabling new business models and opening participation in a global economy we are here to guide you along the way!

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