One platform to buy and sell token.

Tokengate is a simple, safe, and easy-to-use marketplace for buying and selling token from state of the art tokenization projects

Why buy and sell with us?

Tokengate is more than a platform - it's a better way to engage on the new capital markets. Here is what makes us different:


Enterprise-grade token protection

Tokengate uses industry best practices and frameworks to safeguard your token


One of a kind opportunities

We go to great length to procure our customers with the best tokenization projects available


Onboard once, buy & sell limitless

Our platform requires a one time only registration to buy and sell limitless amounts of token

Globally diversified token portfolio

At Tokengate, we constantly aim to offer buyers access to outstanding tokenization projects from around the globe.

Our token portfolio is constantly expanded with exciting and carefully selected token purchase opportunities.


Simple, fast and
user centered.

Our token platform is at the forefront of the tokenization industry, but we continuously improve our product.

As part of a continuous development process, Tokengate is permanently adjusted, expanded and enhanced to offer an evermore simple and user centric solution to investors.

Secure and reliable
wallet & share register

We are committed to provide a secure environment for investors to act. Tokengate is built around data protection and the safekeeping of investments.

Through an actively managed platform approach, your token can be savely recovered and restored in case of an emergency.

Meet Tokengate

The All-In-One Toolkit for buying and selling token

Tokengate is secure and it’s flexible. It’s a platform that users actually enjoy using. And it’s here to help you get ahead in the new capital markets.


Behind Tokengate

When we first started out, we weren’t much more than a curiosity in Switzerlands company landscape.

As an interdisciplinary team of world-class blockchain experts, design professionals, business operations experts and technologists, we celebrate the breadth of perspectives, values, and expertise that is necessary to build the new finance infrastructure of the 21st century.

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