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Tokengate is a simple, safe, and easy-to-use marketplace for buying and selling token from state of the art tokenization projects

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Tokengate Application

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Tokengate Application

Why Tokengate is the right choice for you


Enterprise-grade token protection

Tokengate uses industry best practices and frameworks to safeguard token and accounts


One of a kind opportunities

We go to great length to procure our customers with the best tokenization projects available


Onboard once, buy & sell limitless

Our platform requires a one time only registration to buy and sell limitless amounts of token

The All-In-One Toolkit for buying and selling token

Tokengate was designed from ground up to accompany you on every step of your journey, replacing multiple tools in a unified experience.

Keeping your token secure.

Tokengate is secure, flexible and comes with a complimentary crypto wallet, replacing multiple tools to simplify your workflow:

Tokengate Wallet

Coming Soon.

Tokengate Application

Become a pioneer

Tokengates early-access beta phase has launched. Signup for a limited seat at the front row of the new token economy.

Tokengate Team

Connecting people with tokens

Behind Tokengate

Lead by a team of seasoned entrepreneuers, Tokengate combines an interdisciplinary team of world-class blockchain experts, design professionals and technologists with a passion for blockchain technology and shaping the future of digital finance:

Start to purchase token from A-grade tokenization projects today:

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