KYC/AML Compliant onboarding


Influencers can promote your ICO by using promotional material on their websites, in email lists, or in Telegram and Slack groups and receive a bonus in form of additional tokens. This will greatly improve the visibility of you ICO and let existing loyal investors be rewarded properly with additional tokens

Two factor authentication

tokengate take security very seriously and we support investor account protection using two factor authentication.

User friendly

We use email sign up & login to increase conversion rates and provide better investment experience. Our process has been made to drive users smoothly through the whole process.

  • Personal and source of funds information
  • Full KYC identification with video
  • AMLA verification


​Influencers can promote your ICO with referral codes.  If activated, any participant can invite additional purchasers, receiving bonus tokens.

[Available with v1.1, August 2018]

Investor Dashboard

  • Real time data feed on collected proeeds
  • Partner referrals
  • Token calculator
  • Wallet integration & transaction history
  • Connect with two factor authentication
  • Restore the account access

Logging and monitoring

tokengate allow you to access every relevant information with custom reports, event logging, and sales monitoring.

  • Compliance reporting
  • KYC results

Admin – & reporting dashboard

We have built a beautiful and intuitive admin dashboard for you, to seamlessly manage all programs and processes involved in your ICO campaign.

  • Smart Contract Lifecycle (start, pause, finalize etc.)
  • Managte token allocations (e.g. to founders & co.)
  • Invite investors to KYC
  • Review and confirm KYC results
  • View account balance and transactions history
  • Confirm payments
  • Token generation
  • Manage archived documents
  • Exception handling (wrong wallet address, KYC failed etc.)
  • Connect with two factor authentication