Your Needs

  • An ICO, a STO or finance a traditional project
  • A regulatory compliant onboarding of your contributors
  • A straight through process to prevent loss of money or reputation damages
  • Generate and distribute your tokens to your contributors
  • Prevent fraud

Our Ingredients

  • White labelled solution
  • Best customer experience
  • Compliant process
  • Fully automated
  • Fiat & cryptocurrencies
  • KYC, AML, Escrow, Custodian seemlessly integrated
  • Referral programs easy to configure
  • Flexible pricing schemes starting at CHF 30’000

All you have to do

  • Ask for a demo
  • Fill out onboarding checklist
  • Integrate widget into your landing page

Project Financing – Done √

Team Dashboard

  • Smart analyses of raised funds
  • Dialog to the purchaser community
  • Managing the sales stages

Contributor Onboarding Workflow

  • Smooth process including KYC and e-signature
  • Guided and transparent purchaser decision
  • Crowd as well as private sales

Token Sales Widget

  • White labelled integration into your landing web site

Compliance Dashboard

  • All evidences in a single place
  • Contributor interactions
  • Automated forensic AML checks
  • Acceptance decision fully auditable

Secondary Market Access

  • Smooth onboarding on digital trading markets
  • Token bankable (ISIN) on traditional market
  • Contributor onboarding

Main Deliverables

  • Onboarding Checklist
  • General Terms & Conditions
  • GDPR

Supported ICO/STO Processes


  • ICO Rating Listing

Private Sale

  • Invitation
  • KYC Light
  • Video KYC
  • SAFT
  • Payment Instructions

Public Sale & TGE

  • User Registration
  • KYC Light
  • Video KYC
  • Whitelisting
  • Crypto & FIAT Deposit
  • Token Allocation
  • Token Sales


  • Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Exchange Onboarding
  • Document Management & Archiving
  • Token Management

Key Success Factors

Automate what can be automated addressing potential fraud

  • No human interaction

Examples of issues

  • TEZOS accused of selling unregistered securities, committing securities fraud, false advertising and unfair competition (“by making material misrepresentations and omissions”).
  • 40 M extra tokens issued by founders of Envion without the knowledge of the company’s board
  • 27 M EUR stolen through weak Multi.Sig Wallet of Edgeless Casino, Æternity & Swarm City
  • 50 M EUR Decentralation Autonomous Organization (DAO) Hack
  • 72 M $ stolen through Bitfinex’s multi- signature wallets hack

Standard process with seamless integration

  • No compliance issues
  • Cost reduced compared to individual development

Examples of issues

  • More regulations to adhere makes ICO & STO more costly and risks of compliance issues a increasing

Fund raising beyond Bitcoin and Ether, also collecting FIAT and other cryptocurrencies

  • For traditional investors it is too costly to bridge into cryptocurrencies
  • For retail clients setting up a wallet can already be an inhibitor to contribute

Examples of issues

  • ICO market saturation

Standard User Journey

Clients are guided through an easy five-step process


Information Gathering

User arrives at project’s landing page. Through the widget the user register on the white labelled tokengate tennant and provides the following information:

  • Name, address, BOD, etc.
  • Sending wallet address (if paying with crypto)
  • Receiving wallet address
  • Bank, where funds are sent from (if paying with FIAT)
  • Declaration of source of funds
  • Indication of amount to be purchased i.e. sent
  • If amounts exceed CHF 100’000, upload of further documentation required
  • Agrees to terms and conditions: 1) user agreement 2) project agreement

Once complete, user is allowed to proceed to step 2.


Video KYC and e-Signing

  • If video identification is needed, video identification according to FINMA memo
  • Optional: Obtain QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) for certain documents, i.e.
    • Confirmation of accepting prospectus
    • SAFT, etc.


AML Compliance Validation

  • Each user is identified by compliance officer
  • Approval to pay proceeds is recorded by tokengate

Once approved, user is allowed to proceed to step 4.



  • User receives payment instruction (bank account or cryptocurrencies wallet(s)
  • User sends FIAT or cryptocurrencies to designated account/wallets
  • Tokengate mactches payment according to user’s declaration


Token Distribution

  • User receives tokens into receiving wallet
  • Token allocated according to smart contract, SAFT, etc.